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    Anti Beite board is a wear-resistant decorative board applied for registration by the American company Fumeijia. The decorative color paper contains impregnated melamine resin, plus multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper containing impregnated phenolic or urea formaldehyde resin. After layering, it is pressed with steel plates in a high temperature (150 ° C) and high pressure (1430psi) environment. The thickness can be adjusted according to the needs of the number of kraft paper sheets, which can be made from 0.6mm to 25mm.



    Anti Beite is a transliteration of the English word "CompactLaminate". Anti Beite boards are made from decorative colored paper impregnated with melamine resin, combined with multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin, and then pressed with steel plates in a high temperature (150 ℃) and high pressure (1430psi) environment. The thickness can be made from 1.6mm to 25mm. It is a high-pressure decorative panel with a transparent structure, with a colored paper layer on the surface, which can not only meet various color choices, but also provide decorative needs such as "bright surface, pearl velvet surface, micro star surface, diamond grid pattern, square grid pattern, and flying snow meteor".


    Anti doubling special board is a high-strength flat plate made by high-pressure polymerization of wood fibers and thermosetting resin. It adopts special technology to form an integrated coloring and fat counting decorative surface, which is not only suitable for indoor decoration, but also for various outdoor facilities.


    The biggest enemy of any exterior wall material is long-term exposure to sunlight, rain, moisture, and temperature changes, while the anti weathering board has extremely strong weather resistance. Whether it is sunlight, rain, wind erosion, or moisture, it has no effect on its surface, and rapid temperature changes will not affect its appearance and characteristics; Anti double special board has high elastic modulus, tensile strength, and bending strength, making it highly resistant to impact; The high-density core material provides high pull-out strength for the anchoring components of the anti doubling special board, which is particularly important for boards installed with bolts or inserts.


    Anti double special board has excellent fire resistance and will not melt, drip or explode. Relevant European institutions classify it as the highest fire resistance level among organic materials and will not release toxic and corrosive gases; Anti doubling board can maintain stability for a long time, and it has self-cleaning properties. The material is dense and does not adhere to dust. It is easy to clean and can be washed with rainwater. Generally, curtain walls need to be cleaned once a year, while anti doubling board curtain walls only need to be cleaned once every 3-4 years and can be cleaned with organic solvents without any impact on color.


    Through the introduction of this article, we mainly looked at the material of anti double special board. It is a wear-resistant decorative board registered by Fumeijia Company in the United States. Overall, it is very wear-resistant. If we want to use flooring or sofas, we can choose this board to have good wear resistance without worrying about damage. In addition, we also know the advantages of anti double special board.

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