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    来源:https://www.fumeijia.net/ 日期:2022-08-30 发布人:fumeijia
    Fire board is a widely used product in recent years. Many users are not very familiar with the use of fire board. Today, fumeijia fire board will talk about the use of fire board.
    1. Select high-quality base materials, adhesive and construction tools.
    a. At present, the common substrates in the market include blockboard, MDF, particleboard and density board. Please pay attention to the water content, flatness and other parameters of the substrate when selecting, especially the substrate with the surface treated by sanding and stripping;
    b. The following types of adhesives are commonly used in the construction history of fire-proof boards: PVAc white glue, neoprene solvent strong glue, thermosetting resin glue, dehydrated urea formaldehyde glue (industrial type), and genuine high-quality adhesive must be selected for the adhesive selection;
    c. Construction tools: as the fireproof board is hard, it needs good quality tools to cooperate with the construction. Try to use carbon steel tools, especially the table saw blade and trimming machine blade, which are made of steel and carbon, so as to be clean and smooth. Cut surface without notch. When using hand tools, it is good to use hand tools with metal handles, such as manual woodworking saw.
    2. Construction process
    a. Cutting: cut the fireproof board to the required size, and then leave 1 / 4 inch (6mm) more for trimming. Note that the serrations are inserted from the side of the color board, so as to avoid notches in the cutting section. If the blade is used to cut the fireproof board, be sure to feed the blade from the side of the color paper, and then cut it like glass, so as to have a clean, smooth and no notched cutting section.
    b. Gluing: apply strong glue evenly on the back of the fireproof board and the surface of the base material. If the surface of the base material is very uneven or water absorbent, manually apply glue twice to make the surface completely glued. Pay attention to the reasons such as season, climate and region during construction. The volatilization time of each brand of strong glue is different. According to the use suggestions of strong glue, the volatilization time is determined in combination with the actual operation and construction spare parts. For example, when using dehydrated urea formaldehyde glue and white emulsion glue, it needs to be pressurized at room temperature of 25-30 ℃ for more than 12 hours.
    c. Pasting board: when the board is dry enough to be non sticky, put the fire-proof board on the base plate carefully. If the pasting area is very large, put the fire-proof board on the base plate with wooden strips, and then put the fire-proof board on the base plate. After alignment, pull out the wooden strips, and press the fire-proof board onto the base plate step by step. Then use the flow roller or rag to press evenly, while avoiding residual air inside.
    d. Correction: after the above pressurization work is completed, use the trimming machine or a 10 degree edge to cut off the redundant edges, and then file the joints with a sharp file to make them smoother. Please note: only file down, not back and forth, so as to avoid uneven and smooth cutting section! Excess and leaked glue should be cleaned with a small piece of rag and solvent. Thus, the whole construction process is completed.
    e. Construction environment requirements: it is generally recommended to put the fire-proof board and base plate in the same environment for 48 hours in the field construction, with the humidity of 45%, not higher than 80%, and the temperature not lower than 18 ℃.
    Of course, there are certain restrictions on the use of fireproof boards, such as indoor use, not suitable for direct attachment to cement, concrete walls and gypsum boards; It should not be placed in a place higher than 135 ℃ for a long time or exposed to direct sunlight. wait. Come to our website for more information https://www.fumeijia.net Consult!







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