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    来源:https://www.fumeijia.net/ 日期:2022-05-16 发布人:fumeijia
    Kangbeite is a high-strength flat plate made of wood fiber and thermosetting resin by high-pressure polymerization. It is not only suitable for interior decoration, but also suitable for various outdoor facilities. Why does everyone choose anti Beite? Anti Beite manufacturers take you to understand its advantages!
    The enemy of any exterior wall material is long-term exposure to sunlight, rain, moisture and temperature changes, and anti Beite has strong weather resistance. No matter how the sun is eroded by wind and rain, or moisture has no effect on its surface, the sharp change of temperature will not affect its appearance and characteristics; Kangbeite has high elastic modulus, tensile strength and flexural strength, which makes it have high impact resistance; The high-density core material gives the pull-out strength of super high-strength anchor rod.
    Characteristics are particularly important for bolted or plug-in panels; Kangbeite has excellent fire resistance and will not melt, drip or explode. The relevant organization lists it as one of the organic materials with high fire resistance grade and will not release toxic and corrosive gases; Kangbeite can be stable for a long time, and has self-cleaning property. The material is dense and will not adhere to dust. It is easy to clean and can be washed with rainwater.
    Anti Beite needs to be cleaned once a year, while anti Beite with better resistance is 3 to 4 times. It can only be cleaned once a year. It can be cleaned with organic solvent and has no effect on the color.
    Every thing has its unique characteristics, so only by grasping its important characteristics can it be easily confirmed. So what should we do? To judge the quality of a board, we can do it from the following aspects.
    We know that the high density of MDF is about 880, while the density of anti Beite can be about 1400. About. Therefore, if kangbeite is hit hard at this time, the anti folding surface will not be affected.
    In addition, we can distinguish the plates according to the weight. The weight of a piece of four or six foot anti Beite is 40kg. The weight of the same size as the filament plate is only 25kg. Therefore, this is also a comparison, a simple and easy method.
    Of course, if you can, you can also verify the flame retardancy of anti Beite. Generally, the board will burn in case of fire, but anti Beite will extinguish itself in case of open fire. From the naked eye, you can cut off a section of the uneven plate to see the color inside. The color of anti Beite inner layer is dark, and the distribution of inner material is fine. Even if the uneven part is not made, the cutting surface shall be checked and observed. It is also found that the cutting surface material of fumeijia kangbeite is flat and dense. It's darker than other plates.
    If consumers identify plates according to the above methods, they can generally choose the correct plates. Of course, other experiments can also be carried out if conditions permit. In the case of samples, you can immerse kangbeite and other plates in water and check the expansion of the plate for 24 hours. After testing, there will be no deformation after anti Beite soaking, but not for other materials.







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